Thursday, 17 April 2014

Turbo FAST 1.07 For Android Apk Free Download

The Turbo Racing League is a racing game , but instead of controlling cars, motorcycles , airplanes or something , has to control snails , but these are not usual snails , mollusks are the fastest that you can find in the animal kingdom .

The game uses a very intuitive control system based entirely around touch controls , allowing control snails during their nine different tracks in the game . In these races , will compete against other snails , as their equally fast .

The goal in every race , of course , is to be the first to cut the finish line . But not only has to worry about keeping your speed and make good curves , but also have to overcome some impossible jumps which can demonstrate their acrobatic skills in the air .

At the end of the race , players can buy upgrades for your snail and can customize the look to make them truly unique .

The Turbo Racing League is a fun racing game , and thanks to some spectacular graphics and a fully implemented system of touch, will appeal to players everywhere.

Download Turbo FAST 1.07

Dungeon Hunter 4 1.6m For Android Apk Free Download

Dungeon Hunter 4 marks the return game franchise leadership roles from Gameloft that puts the player in a dark world full of demons , but it is, ultimately , the clone of the twentieth Devil for Android devices .

As usual , before you start the game you have to choose what type of character you want to be . You can choose between four different types of characters that radically influence how you handle the different challenges in the game . The concern , for example , will always allow you to perform melee attacks .

Once you have improved your character by completing story mode , where you can level up and get lots of new equipment ( weapons, armor , amulets , etc. ) , you can take them to the battle arena . There, you can get in duels with other players ( PvP ) worldwide .

Like all titles in the franchise , the graphics of Dungeon Hunter 4 are excellent , every detail will have been worked out with great care and attention . Both the scenario and the characters are a true delight for the senses .

Dungeon Hunter 4 is a great action RPG that when using an increasingly used , even boring , formula, still manages to offer enough for the vast majority of users continue to return for more fun.

Download Dungeon Hunter 4 1.6m